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Our services are most convientent for you! Since spring is back, we can't wait to offer new, better and lower services. This new year, we hope to do more good for everyone. Give us a call anytime through 7AM and 7PM. One of our workers will be looking forward to your call.

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Why choose us?

Choosing a lawn service can be a bit scary, but you wont regret choosing us! Our services are offered for a very low price for anyone, anytime! During this summer, you can get 20% off on mulch work and fertilization!

Locations of Service

Locations that are offered our services are in Bowie, Laural, Greenbelt, New Carrolton, Seabrook, Glendale, Lanham, Upper Marbolo, Washington DC, and many nearby Locations!!

How We Work

Our workdays are during the weekend, Saturday and sunday. Sometimes we are able to work during the weekdays, please feel free to call us during the weekdays to get your lawn more beautiful sooner!


Check out what We Do!

Planting Flowers

Planting flowers is a service where you get to pick a certain flower of your choice. If everything is already provided, then price can be reduced depending on how much supplies is offered.

Power Washing

Power washing is used when client wants a clean driveway, or in some cases a clense of their home. Price depends on what you want cleaned and how large the job is. if supplies are offered, price reduced will be reduced.

Yard Clean-up

Yard Clean-up is a services used to clean trash from your lawn or garden, including leaves, branches, trash, and any other type of solid waste. Depending on how large job is, price can vary.

Mulch Replacement

Mulch Replacement is a service where you ask us for any type of mulch color, for example, Red, Brown, Black, etc. Price depends on how many pounds are needed for service.

Lawn Mowing

This default service is for a simple trim of your garden or lawn, price can vary between 30 to 60. Depending on size of terrain.


Fertilization is a chemical that is used on your grass to make it grow healthier and better, price is 40 to 50$.



cheap cut 40 dollars each cut good



good work with edges



mulch work clean and nice, low price



fertilization grew my lawn better than before, im happy



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